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Toilet Brush Holders

Toilet Brush Holders
The simple steel and polystone design of the Blomus Ara Toilet Brush with Holder gives it understated modern style. Stiff bristles give you durable scrubbing power to clean even hard-to-reach spots. The bright stainless steel resists rust and discoloring, ensuring that the brush will look bright and..
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The Blomus Areo Tall Toilet Brush with Holder brings subtle style to this functional tool. A bright steel and plastic design ensures long-lasting use and a timeless contemporary look. A plastic lined bottom helps to keep it clean and prevent the brush from dripping...
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Opt for durable cleaning power with the Blomus Areo Toilet Brush with Holder. The stiff bristles make it simple to reach difficult spots under the brim for thorough clean. The bright stainless steel design keeps it looking sophisticated and subtle. A plastic lining inside can be removed for easy cle..
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The wall-mounted design of the Blomus Areo Wall-Mounted Toilet Brush with Holder keeps it securely in place, right where you need it. It's perfect to save floor space and keep your bathroom looking clutter free. Featuring stainless steel construction, it prevents rust and discoloration for a look th..
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The simple design of the Blomus Nexio Polished Wall Mounted Toilet Brush with Holder keeps it looking subtle and contemporary. The wall-mounted design allows you to save space and keep it secure. Crafted from durable plastic and steel, it features a black plastic tray to hold the brush inside...
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Simple lines and minimalist style make the Blomus Nexio Short Toilet Brush with Holder a subtle accent in your bathroom. The durable stainless steel and plastic design won't rust or discolor, and blends easily with contemporary dcor. A removable black plastic tray inside holds the brush secure...
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Save space in your bathroom with the Blomus Nexio Short Wall Mount Toilet Brush with Holder. Securely mounted on your wall, it's out of the way and always right where you need it. The strong steel design is minimalistic for a sleek contemporary look. A plastic lining inside holds the brush and can b..
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Minimalist design lets the Blomus Nexio Tall Toilet Brush with Holder effortlessly blend in with contemporary dcor. The durable stainless steel and plastic construction will look bright and clean for years. A black plastic tray inside holds the brush secure and is removable for cleaning...
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Make the most of your bathroom space with the Blomus Nexio Tall Wall Mount Toilet Brush with Holder. Simple to mount on the wall, it keeps the brush handy, but also tucked neatly out of the way. Constructed from durable steel and plastic, it is simple to keep clean and features a removable plastic l..
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The stiff bristles of the Blomus Uno Toilet Brush with Holder give you the scrubbing power you need for thorough cleaning. The stainless steel design has a contemporary look that blends in easily with modern dcor. A lid on the holder keeps the brush subtly hidden...
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Keep the toilet brush out of sight but easy to access in the bathroom with the Borhn Lupara Free-Standing Toilet Brush Holder. Constructed out of frosted glass, the round holder hides the brush head and helps to keep the bathroom sanitary. A round metal base adds a sleek finishing touch...
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Make the best use of the storage space available in your bathroom with the Borhn Lupara Toilet Brush Holder. A wall-mount design allows you to keep a durable toilet brush near the toilet without using up space on the floor. The frosted glass holder keeps the brush hidden, and the metal wall plate is..
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